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Post Natal Tips

Breastfeed  only it's best for baby. Those who cant only give Formular and prepare as instructed on the pack. Eat a healthy and balanced meal. Do not worry about your weight at this point. Rest when baby is sleeping. Do not miss your Midwives or Dostors...

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Antenatal Tips: Are you pregnant?

Start going to the antenatal Clinic soon as you find out. Findout your HIV status. Eat healthy. Have a balanced meal. Take your antenatal supplements. Take only medication given by your healthcare worker Avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using recreational...

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Pre-Natal Tips

Avoid having a baby at an early age because a woman's body needs to be a mature enough to carry and nature for the pregnancy Have Only the number of children you can afford, it can be expensive to have children Also Having babies late in life can also harm the health...

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